Anarchist brand modelling: a manifesto for participative community branding. Andrew Cohen & Jan Převrátil, Los Angeles & Bratislava, 2023.

_ This is for the brand builders, the strategists, the marketers who want a truer, more meaningful way to go about it all. Who know in their gut that something’s not right with how we talk about “managing” brands. Who love humanity and all its messiness too much to swallow the fiction of neat consumer segments and clean spreadsheets.

_ We’ve been thinking all wrong about how brands exist. We’ve been led astray by marketing’s nasty habit for colonialist thinking. We think there’s a different, maybe even better way to go about all this.

_ Because we love our work and we want you to love your work, too. So just go ahead and love humanity with all its messiness. And if you want, you can share our common passion all along the way.

“It’s all about listening and being listened-to. About appreciation and social recognition. About chance to change and influence. About people not being stupid if we don’t treat them that way.”

“There’s no brand without its community, just like there’s no god without her believers. It’s the former who needs the latter – not the other way around.”

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We are cultural sociologists and strategists, we live from meaning-making and support community-based organizing, emergent strategy and perpetual curiosity. We connected through our fellow culture buff and anarchist thinker Vanessa Bittner and Cultural Sociology at Yale and are always eager to talk and exchange ideas and perspectives.

Andrew, besides cultural sociology and strategy, is also a teacher, plantsman, musician and digital media artist. He finds continual inspiration in the human anthropological capacity for magic and lives on the unceded territory of the Gabrielino-Tongva, Chumash, and Kinz peoples in South Los Angeles, California.

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Jan, besides cultural sociology and strategy, is also a father promoting neurodiversity, interest-driven and enquiry-based education. He loves philosophy of science, graphic design and photography, and lives in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

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